With so many talented graphic designers to choose from, it can be daunting to figure out which artist will provide the best results for your project. Graphic design plays a huge role in solving problems and creating solutions that will benefit your business and website in the long run. Selecting the right graphic designer impacts how your audience and potential clients may view you so here at Top10GraphicDesigners we’ve put together 5 things you should do to make your graphic designer searching less complicated. 

Be Specific With Your Wants & Needs

The first step is to identify exactly what you wish to accomplish by hiring a graphic designer. It is their mission to bring your vision to life and clearly stating your expectations will make the process easier for the both of you. You should also know that all graphic designers are not the same. Some only specialize in certain areas, such as logo, branding, and 3D effects, therefore making it necessary for you to have an understanding of what is needed to complete your project. 

Don’t Base Your Decision On The Portfolio Alone

We all seek out the graphic designer’s portfolio to decide whether or not they’re a good fit and that’s perfectly okay! Portfolios showcase the artist’s capabilities and style of graphic design, ultimately making them a strong factor in selecting a designer. But solely relying on portfolios is not recommended. You will want to consider their communication skills and the time it takes for them to complete projects because these will also determine how professional and attentive the designer will be to you and your project. 

Ask Questions

graphic design questions

Getting to know your potential graphic designer will allow you to develop a better understanding of their work ethic and their inspirations. There is nothing wrong with inquiring about the potential designer’s background, it’s actually encouraged because it gives you the opportunity to pick their minds and receive a direct response to how well they are able to get the job done.  Something like, “How long have you done graphic design” or “What’s your design process” could help you filter through creatives that you feel do not meet your expectations. 

Read Client Ratings & Reviews

Do you read reviews of a product you’re interested in before buying it? The same goes for choosing the best graphic designer. A sign that you’re heading in the right direction is when you see happy clients sharing their experiences with the designer. This allows the next potential client to feel comfortable in knowing that this designer is providing exceptional services. On the other hand, be on the lookout for bad reviews. A graphic designer should always be aware of the reputation they are creating for themselves so when you see poor reviews, it may show that they do not listen well to their clients or are simply not qualified enough to complete their clients project.

Determine Your Budget

Once you think you’ve found the most fitting designer to take on your project, it’s time to discuss price. Costs can be a deal breaker for most services so it’s up to you to determine if this designer’s quality of work is worth you paying for it. Are they providing a small amount of effort and detail for a large price? This is something you will want to steer away from since you do not want to be scammed out of your money. Or maybe the designer you want is offering more flexibility and input than the average designer at a steeper price. An investment of this kind may benefit you greatly but again it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it or not. 

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